CS 61A Resources


For Spring 2017, I am teaching Section 24/124.

My office hours are 6:30 - 8:30 PM in 247 Cory on Thursdays (starting 1/26).

Send me an email if you need to meet with me some other time.

If you have a conceptual or assignment-related question that is not specific to your code, making a public Piazza post is almost always a better option than emailing me, as other students may be able to answer it or they may find the answer helpful as well. If you have a question related to your code, please make a private Piazza post so that other TAs and tutors can still help answer.

If you have anonymous feedback for me please use this form.

About Me

I am a third-year CS student teaching 61A for the third time. This semester I'm taking CS 164 (Compilers) and CS 189 (Machine Learning). I've previously taken 61B, 61C, 70, 188 (AI), 170 (Algorithms), 168 (Networking), and 184 (Graphics) in the CS department.

When I'm not teaching or studying, I usually spend my time working on various programming projects, playing video games (PC and Nintendo), or watching TV shows.

I post programming projects on my portfolio website and my GitHub.


I built the Scheme interpreter available at scheme.cs61a.org. You can edit Scheme code side by side with the interpreter with options to visualize your code's execution (similar to Python tutor) here. Any code typed in the editor is autosaved. You can also edit a particular file by running (edit 'filename) in the interpreter. You can then load that code with (load 'filename).

Don't worry about Scheme just yet! We'll learn about it after the second midterm.